Protect your business, family and home.

Solutions for a Pest-Free Environment

Protect your business, family and home.

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Training, experience, and innovations are the keys to reach your full potential in every situation and challenges. INO has gained knowledge that is unique and completely exclusive to make extreme cases of pest infestations become less challenging. We believe that being open to changes by treating uncommon situations as challenges and opportunities to learn something new had led us to our progress and growth.

As we step in to your domain, expect extreme changes. Our team is extensively trained and committed to make a noticeable difference in your extreme pest situations.


Enhance your brand image

Our commitment to help you maintain your clean and pest-free environment.


Improve health

INO values the importance of a healthy environment


Save money

We ensure that the products and services that we deliver for your business, deliver value for your money.


Environmentally responsible

The products that we use for treatments are non-hazardous to the environment and to humans as well.



INO is committed in training our team on how to enhance each one’s ability.

What We Offer

Termite Control

Since termites are considered the most destructive insect pests in the world, we can offer you a sure prevention or solution to this problem.  Buildings and structures are damaged by these pests each year resulting in huge financial loss or even accidents in some cases
They can be considered as a ticking time bomb that will explode anytime.  It’s just a matter of…when?  Whatever kind of termite invaded your property, it is always crucial to treat them as soon as possible.

General Pest Management

We protect your business and home from animal species that have a history of living in, or invading, human habitation and causing damage to structure. - Rodents - Mosquitoes - Flies - Ants - Cockroaches

Disinfection Services

Other Services